When it comes to OPEX (operating expenses), it is something where MNCs or SMEs are always looking out for cost-saving alternatives in order to help their businesses save huge sums of money. Here are 3 effective ways that you might not have thought of to save avoidable costs for your company.

1)   Adopting Infrared Technology for Maintenance Purposes

Infrared Thermography Inspections have helped countless businesses save a hefty sum since it was first introduced. Companies looking to save lives and protect their properties should also schedule routine infrared thermography inspections to help deter these hazards. As such, incorporating infrared thermography inspections into a company’s routine maintenance will help remove the guesswork on whether there is a need to repair equipment.


2)   Conduct Thermal Inspections to Prevent the Sudden Breakdown of Equipment

Breakdown of equipment usually happens when regular inspections or adequate predictive maintenance procedures are not in place. Minor problems such as overheating when left undetected in the long run can lead to major issues such as breakdown or burst of fire. This will put working progress to a halt and it will need time before the equipment is repaired back into working condition, causing major downtime and losses will be definite as efficiency slows down. Using infrared thermography to detect abnormal readings in the early stages prevents the likelihood of a faulty machine and allows your company to save on expensive emergency repair costs.


3)   Allowing In-house Technicians to be Trained and Certified Infrared Thermographers

By engaging third party inspectors to do the job for you would mean extra cost, the price for such inspections usually doesn’t come cheap. Equipping your technicians with such skills will allow you to save on your recurring expenses on third party companies which adds up to a significant amount. Moreover, this will also reduce any downtime of equipment. With trained and certified thermographers, they will be able to identify and rectify the issue as soon as possible which improves operational efficiency. This is a better solution than having to schedule regular inspections from third party companies.



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