Tan Seet Yan – Sompo Insurance

“ I enjoyed the time in this course; the trainer did a great job. This training is interesting, very informative and beneficial to my work. ”

Ngai Chee Keong

“ Trainers are able to invoke group-discussion amongst participants – all with different background and experience – and not reluctant to share their views. This training is a good eye opener that gives me detailed knowledge on IR Thermography that I would not know had I not attended this course. Everything about this course is No.1! ”

Tan Han Bin – Unitest

“ Good balance of theory and practical to keep the lesson interesting. Very engaging and informative. ”

Tedy Herdyanto – SKF

“ Useful ideas, techniques and content were presented, along with opportunities for active participation. ”

Peter Woo – Energizer

“ A good course in IR Thermography understanding and applications. Ivan did a good job in sharing his IR experience. ”

Andy Chan – Leica

“ Highest appreciation for using simple, easy to understand illustration. Great course. ”

Nordin A Bakar – GSK

“ It enhanced my knowledge on thermography – especially with regards to real-world applications. Certainly, this course has benefitted me a lot. ”

Mr N. Patnik – CPG

“ Structured training, relevant examples, active class participant : IIRT highly recommended! ”

Glenn F Casio – Hyflux

“ The visual samples (case studies of thermal imagers) are easy to relate to my field. I highly appreciate the efforts (of the trainers) in making and delivering a high quality training course.”

Lev Augus – Singapore Test Services

” Trainers are both very competent. Opened my mind to a new level of understanding IR. Training was very informative – I would recommend it to others. ”

Arnel Manalang De Guzman – Hyflux

Exceeded ALL my expectations. I’ve been managing a maintenance program at a large facility for the past 8 years and in that time, we have encountered multiple electrical component failure. IIRT has provided me with EXCEPTIONAL Infrared training. The in-depth theory combined with engaging practical sessions helped me and my team greatly reduce our maintenance downtime. It is clear that IIRT trainers have perfected their craft in Infrared, making it super EASY for me to perform IR inspections for early detection of electrical faults in my facility. I recommend this course if you’re looking to drastically improve your PM effectiveness.

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